Common questions we’re asked about privacy window film.

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Q. Do you have a showroom where I can see some of your products?
  • Yes. We’d be more than happy to show you our products and discuss your requirements at our showroom in Loughborough. Please make an appointment before you visit us, so we can ensure we’re around to see you.
Q. Are you still working through the National Lockdown?
  • Yes we are, we have visited the government website and can confirm we are still able to carry on with installations providing we keep to the government’s guidelines.

Q. What precautions do you have in place during lockdown to reassure me that everything is done correctly?
  • As a company we need to act in such a way that we can protect you, the installer, other customers and our families from the risk of catching Coronavirus and we hope you understand and will assist us. Installers will wear a mask throughout the duration whilst sanitising hands and surfaces regularly throughout the install. Social distancing will be maintained at all times and installers will refuse drinks to comply with governments advice. Our company vehicle is fully equipped with toilet and handwashing facilities, therefore, we do not need to use your facilities whilst on site, something we believe no other window film company can offer. With Hotels closed, our company vehicle is fully equipped with beds, shower, toilet and overnight facilities which allows us to carry out installs anywhere in the country.
Q. I have a window with small panes at the top and larger panes at the bottom. Would I need your films on all of the window panes or can I have just the bottoms coated with your films?
  • In some circumstances, you can get away with just the bottom panes coated and still have the privacy you require. For windows that are south facing or get the sun, by just coating the bottom panes, sunlight will come in through the upper panes and neutralise the bottom panes, making them in-effective and allowing people outside to see in as normal. Therefore, in this case, you would need every pane of the window coated; however, on the day of the installation we assess all windows and if we think you don’t need it or the tops don’t need our films, we’ll tell you in order to save you money.
Q. Neighbours and passers by keeping looking into my home. I want privacy but I don’t like the reflective silver window film I’ve seen on offices. What should I do?
  • Our fantastic neutral film is just that – neutral in appearance. They blend in with the neighbourhood and other non-coated windows on your home
Q. I want to stop glare on my computer screen and television. Is there anything to stop this?
  • Yes. The neutral window film we recommend for homes will reduce the glare on these screens without you having to close blinds or curtains during the day, allowing the natural sunlight in, but not the glare
Q. What is the expected lifespan of your window films?
  • Our films are the very best available, manufactured in America and come with a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty which we match with our own 10 year installation warranty. The manufacturer’s warranty protects against the film fading, delamination of the many layers and scratching when cleaning, whilst our 10 year warranty protects against bubbles, contamination and peeling.
Q. My home gets cold in the winter. Will your window films keep the heat in?
  • Unfortunately our neutral residential window film can’t stop heat loss. We do have two specialist heat retention films that will hold a percentage of heat within the room, but they are only available in either reflective silver or gold.
    These are ideal for commercial properties, but not residential.
Q. Will your window film prevent my carpet and furniture from fading?
  • Our films will make a considerable difference as they contain an ultraviolet inhibitor to protect carpets, fabrics & furniture from fading by 99%. In some cases this can double the lifespan of your carpets and furniture.
    Damaging ultraviolet from the sun only plays a small part in this. Natural light, heat, ageing and humidity all play a major part in the fading process, therefore no window film will stop fading completely
Q. How do we go about cleaning the film once it’s installed?
  • A clean trigger sprayer mixed with 100 parts water to 1 part soap solution, is all that’s required to clean and maintain the film without damaging it.
    A spray of the solution on the film and removal with kitchen roll, or paper towelling will keep the film clean, protected and smear free. This is much easier than household window cleaners, or other traditional methods
Q. Will we have to clean the glass prior to the film installation?
  • No. We will clean and prepare the glass and window frames on the day of the installation, to ensure they are spotless prior to the film being applied. All we ask is that the installation area is free from ornaments or furnishings, so easy access can be gained by our installers
Q. My windows suffer from condensation. Will the film stop this or cause a problem for the film once applied?
  • Unfortunately our window film will not stop condensation, but once bonded to the glass by our installers, won’t be affected by it either
Q. I’ve had quotes from other companies, why should I choose you?
Installing window films to residential properties since 2006, our expertise speaks for itself. We offer only the highest quality films we would want on our homes ensuring you get the very best available and for the maximum warranty period any manufacturer will offer – 12 years.

We will come to your home, assess the windows you require coating and advise you on a film that will work 365 days of the year and provide as many benefits as possible. If we think you can go with a lighter film or only cover so many panes of the window whilst still getting the privacy you desire we will advise you accordingly and as always try to save you money.

If there is something we think you don’t need or if we think a particular film won’t work as you require we will tell you. That’s the great thing about us, we offer expert advice and honest opinions to ensure you’re happy, we’re happy and you recommend us to family and friends.

We’re not a large organisation but a small family based business based on trust, honesty and customer recommendation. Our Motto….”Your satisfaction is our priority”.

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